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Westover Green Community School

Year 6 Rowan

Welcome to Rowan Class's page.

We are a fully Year 6 Class, taught by Mr M Bestwick and supported by Mrs S Costick.

Curriculum Overviews

Please use the links below to see what we are studying in Rowan Class:

Year 6 - Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term 2018

Year 6 - Curriculum Overview - Spring Term 2019

Year 6 - Curriculum Overview - Summer Term 2019


Each full term, there will be a termly newsletter available for you to see what lies ahead in Year 6. Please use the links below to find our latest news.

Autumn Newsletter - click here 

Recently in Rowan...


Recently, we have been taxonomists, classifying animals based on their characteristics; a complicated task but one that was very successful when we worked together.

 Mexican Food

To start our Mexico Topic, we tasted food that originated from Mexico! Thinking about the appearance and taste of the food, we then designed our own Taco or Tortilla Wrap. It is safe to say that we found some of the ingredients a bit spicy!