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                                                       Animals Topic

The children will learn about the different groups that animals can belong to (Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Birds, Fish and Mammals) as well as if they are Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores. The children research a chosen animal using the internet and use this information to write to the WWF, Greenpeace and make a fact book about different animals. We went to Noah's Ark to find out some more information to help us. 

Excited to be on our way!

 World Book Day!

The children made a fantastic effort dressing up this year and we had a fun day learning about different authors. The teachers all made a "story in a tray" in the library and we had to use the clues to help us guess the book. As quoted in Matilda "All the reading we do, gives us a view of life we have never seen before!"

Creativity Week: Multi Cultural week - Africa

We had a go at making our own Ethiopian Chapati's. We followed a recipe by mixing flour and butter together with a little bit of water. We mixed it all together to make a dough and then kneaded it together. We placed a tea towel over our dough for 20 minutes and then tore of little balls of dough which we rolled out flat to make our chapati. Miss Basten cooked them in the frying pan and then we enjoyed eating them all up......some of us said it would have tasted better with curry! 

We had an African workshop where we had a go at using different African musical instruments and then learnt an African dance.

We learnt the story of "Stone Soup". A couple of weary travellers arrive in a village and teach the villagers about the important message of sharing. The children picked what kind of villager they would like to be and role played the story in groups. These are a few freeze frames we created to tell the story.

Maths - Adding and Subtracting within 20.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting within 20. We learnt how to make 10 first and then recombine the numbers through partitioning. 

Geography - cold places

We have been learning all about the Sogne Fjord in Norway. We planned a trip for Olaf to get from Norway to Bridgwater using Google Earth and maps. We also wrote a postcard from a cold place.

Christmas Fun!



Christmas Jumper Day! We have all read at least 3 times a week for half a term!
We have all read at least 3 times a week for half a term! Our attendance has been 95%+ so we got a golden ticket!!


In Computing we have been learning how to code and debug a beebot. We wrote our codes on the mats and then tested them to check they worked. If they didn't work we debugged them and re-entered our new code. We got very excited when it worked!

R.E - Judaism

We have been learning all about Judaism. We held our own Jewish wedding in class, made a hoopla (a aisle with our hands for the bride and grrom to walk through), drank some Kiddish wine (blackcurrant juice!) smashed the glass of love, made Challah bread and shouted Mazel Tov to congratulate the newly weds. 

English - Julia Donaldson

We have been learning the story of a Scarecrows' Wedding and made Betty the Scarecrow. We then wrote a set of instructions that we gave to Gardening Club so that they could make their own Scarecrow. 

Having a go at making a split pin scarecrow. 1. Tie the 2 pieces of wood together with string. 2. Stuff Betty's head with straw. 3. Tie Betty's head to the pole.
4. Paint Betty's face. 5. Painting her eyes and mouth. 6. Stuffing her body with hay.


We have been learning all about Australia. William showed us some artefacts from home that his Granny had given to him. He gave us a great lesson at playing the didgeridoo. 

Carnival - Parent workshops 

We had great fun during our carnival topic.  Parents were invited in to make a cart with their children based on a Julia Donaldson book.  We had our own parade.

Fabulous Friday

We were given a box and had to use our DT and Art creative juices to make something! The children came up with making a fire engine linked to our Great Fire of London topic.