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Westover Green Community School

Year 3 Silver Birch


Silver Birch Class Parents' Letter - Term 1 2018

Topic Overviews

Year 3 - Curriculum Overview Term 1 2018


 Creativity Week

Creating posters I think these teeth belonged to a carnivore.
I think this was a sheep. Identifying bones
Matching bones to the picture. One of the smaller skulls.
Painting our dragon eyes. Sketching skeletons
These dragon eyes look amazing.
The jaw bone is from a cow. This looks like a femur.
Using clay to make dragon eyes. We created posters to promote good handwashing.
We pressed our hands onto wet sand to represent germs. The sand was everywhere we touched to show how germs spread.

First half term in Silver Birch.

A bit of freize framing I can explain why a number is greater than another one.
I have found a dragon egg! I think I saw a dragon tail over there!
Making 3 digit numbers with diennes. Sketching a dragon ready to write our dragon story.
Some animals have their skeleton on the outside of their body. Swish that heavy sword to chop down the trees.
This dragon egg is just starting to hatch. Using drama to tell a story.
We drew in the bones that make up our skeleton. We are creating our own dragon.
We counted in 5s then in 50s We are creating our own dragon.
We had to climb to the top of the mountain. We had to look for the answer to our body quiz around the room.